Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Out of this world teenage birthday party ideas. Ideas to help you plan the most spectacular birthday party for your teen (or if you're a teen, plan your own party!). From 1950's sockhops to 2010 glow in the dark raves, we've got ideas to make this your best bash ever!

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Creative Teenage Birthday Party Themes

You need something spectacular. You need something that fits your teens personality. You need some birthday party ideas!

All of the teenage birthday party ideas below have been shared by visitors to this website. They're fun, creative and cover a wide range of themes. Best of all, since they're from visitors, each and every idea is already pre-tested by a party thrower just like you.

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Teen Birthday Party Ideas (13-19)

american idol birthday
American Idol

ideas about teenage birthday parties

camping birthday

candy birthday

teenage cooking birthday

diva birthday

fairy birthday party ideas

japanese birthday

masquerade birthday

red carpet birthday

16th birthday
Sweet 16

1950 birthday

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Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

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Make a music CD 
Solo or up to 6 children booked into a recording studio. Given tuition in how to use equipment, some singing techniques taught. Practice a song then record …...

Ideas About Teenage Birthday Parties 
Ideas about teenage birthday parties: For my 17th birthday party, my boyfriend and I had a dance party. The theme was neon and blacklights and we would …...

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party 
The best type of birthday party is one with a current theme. In light of this year’s hit movie "Alice" I’d like to propose an Alice in Wonderland birthday …...

Turning Teen Boy's Party Not rated yet
A couple of my friends and I are going to go into a forest by my house to play tackle and capture the flag. Since we are all boy scouts we are making snares …...

Teen Birthday Party Ideas Not rated yet
Teen Birthday Party Ideas: If you want to have an exciting, inexpensive birthday party, well here it is! For one of my birthday's I had a fun sleepover …...

Camping Birthday Party Ideas Not rated yet
Camping Birthday Party Ideas: Spooky is better! I chose a scary camping birthday party theme for my most memorable birthday ever. In my opinion, what makes …...

Soccer Birthday Party 1 Not rated yet
My name is Matt Quinn and I live in the Naperville, Illinois. One of my most memorable birthday parties included dinner with all my friends before we headed …...

Beach Birthday Party In Your Own Backyard Not rated yet
An awesome birthday party theme for teenage kids, especially when the weather is nice out is a beach birthday party theme. Not everyone is afforded the …...

Unbirthday Party Not rated yet
A wonderful birthday party idea would be an Alice in wonderland themed party. Or better yet a Mad Hatters Very Merry Unbirthday Party! I have been wanting …...

Teenage Hawaiian Birthday Party Not rated yet
The theme we went with for my daughters 13th birthday party was Hawaiian. For the decorations we placed fish nets on the ceiling filled with balloons and …...

Gears of War Video Game Birthday Party Not rated yet
A Gears of War video game birthday party is an awesome idea for teenage fans of the Gears of War video game. This is a really simple party idea that can …...

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