Sweet 16 Poems for 16th Birthday Celebrations

Sweet 16 poems for birthdays can be meaningful and inspirational, or they can by funny and humorous. Here's a sampling of fall down laughing funny sweet sixteen birthday poems shared by Kelly from Florida.

Sweet 16th Birthday Poems

Shared by Birthday Parade Moderator Kelly

If you're looking for pull on the heartstrings versions check out meaningful poems for 16th birthday.

You can change things up and make these your own! Switch the wording to throw in "inside jokes" to make them unique for your teenager.

They can be used in birthday cards, verses, messages, and (to really embarrass them) in speeches at their birthday party.

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Sweet 16 Poems : Shopping Spree

(From Parents: For use with a Gift Card)

You used to dream of this day
Your big 16th birthday
Now we know it was just an excuse
To get the keys and drive away
We're your parents though and we know where to go
We'll find you at the mall sorting out your birthday haul
So why don't we cut to the chase
Home may be your birthplace
But the mall is your real space
Go ahead and take this card
Far from your home's front yard
Give your friends a call
Tell them to meet you at the mall
You're sixteen no longer a tween
Time to be free
Go enjoy your shopping spree

Funny Sweet Sixteen Poem : Bunny

From Parents

Happy birthday bunny
You know you are our honey
But now that you're 16 years old we feel it's time we told
We're not celebrating your 16th today
We're celebrating the special day
Which soon is on it's way
Only two more years
We won't cry any tears
And then your room will become something completely awesome
Our extra computer room
Or maybe dad's toolroom
It really doesn't matter
As long as you vroom zoom zoom through the next two years
We won't cry any tears On the day other parents have fears
Instead we'll do some cartwheels then kick up our heels

Funny Short Sweet Sixteen Poems and Verses

You put the sweet in sixteen!

Sixteen Candles

From Parents
Sixteen candles on your birthday cake
Sixteen sweet years of life
Sixteen gray hairs on my head
All because of you!


From a Friend
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're turning 16
but you still don't have a clue