Red Carpet Birthday Party Ideas

A red carpet birthday party theme can be a blast for kids! Follow along as Susan from Hoffman Estates, Illinois shares tips on how she created a glamorous hollywood red carpet party for her daughter complete with a diva makeover, red carpet movie walk, interviews from paparazzi, a premiere movie release and a celebrity photo shoot. Sound complicated? It's not!

Red Carpet Birthday Themes

Shared by Susan from Hoffman Estates, Illinois

A Red carpet birthday party theme is a fun birthday idea for girls ages 9-13.

red carpet birthday party ideas
The theme is Red Carpet Night. A night of glamour, glitz, celebrities and hollywood!

It may sound complicated to put on this kind of birthday party theme, but it's a lot easier than you think... and it doesn't cost a lot!

It's best for this theme if you host a slumber party, because it makes it that much more fun for the girls. You'll also want to do some preplanning and have a few extra adults on hand to help out with some of the activities.

Red Carpet Birthday Party Glamour Makeover

Start the evening by getting the girls ready for their red carpet debut. Have a couple friends help out and give the girl fancy updos, paint their nails, and let them choose a red carpet gown.

You can find inexpensive gowns at a resale shop or in a friend's closet. Trust me, the girls will be perfectly happy with old bridesmaid dresses!

Pretend fake jewelry is an added touch to the evening. You can find inexpensive packs of dress-up jewelry at dollar stores. Or if you want, you can look around at a thrift store and pick up "old lady beads" and necklaces, clip on earrings and pins. It will cost under $20 bucks to get enough old but "fancy looking" jewelry from a thrift shop and it will really add a thrill to the red carpet party.

The Dramatic Red Carpet Entrance

After the girls are ready, it's time for them to "walk the red carpet" and go to the "movie premiere". The girls can choose celebrity names of their favorite celeb's or make up funny fake ones. Whatever they choose, that is how they should be addressed for the rest of the evening. It's no longer little Penny from down the street, it's Amanda Bynes or Paris Hilton thank you very much!

Have a red carpet set up going into the living room where they will preview a movie. This is the biggest expense of the whole party! You can rent one from a party store, or in a pinch use a roll of red wallpaper or other red paper that you weigh down in spots.

Red Carpet Birthday Party Celebrities

The "celebrities" should be met by "paparazzi" during the walk. Make sure a photographer is on hand to greet them on the red carpet.

If you have extra friends, it is fun to have pretend reporters on hand as well to interview the girls before and after the movie preview.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but the "reporters" and "photographers" really made it special for my girl's birthday. I think this was everyone's favorite part!

The Movie Premiere

The movie can be a current release or themed towards a certain time of year. White Christmas is a fun one to show if the party is around Christmastime. It's best to let your daughter choose the movie. She'll know what's hot with girls her age at the time way more than us adults could ever know!

Really any teen or pre-teen movie geared towards girls that has a cute boy in it will do. The cute boy is the must!

Serve popcorn during the movie premiere, then afterwards they should leave down the red carpet just as dramatically as they entered. A nice giveaway is a picture of them in a frame. These can be put together while they are watching the movie.

If you do the picture frame it's fun to hand them out as though they were Academy Award prizes. It's the perfect topper for the evening!

Celebrity Dinner Birthday Party

No red carpet birthday party theme can be complete without a celebrity dinner. Luckily, it doesn't take much, it's just a matter of presentation!

Food for the evening can be simple as long as it appears dressed up! Serve everything on fancy plates instead of the typical birthday paper plates.

Another fun thing is to give everything celebrity names. So if you were serving cheeseburgers they would be "Hillary Duff Cheeseburgers". Or if you have ice cream it could be "Robert Pattison Approved Ice Cream". You can make up little signs that say things like this in front of the different food items.

All in all my daughter loved the red carpet birthday party theme. All the girls had a fun time and they wouldn't stop giggling. That's how I knew it was a success!

A related theme is the diva birthday party. Let your girls be a diva for the night!