Poems for 16th Birthday

Poems for 16th birthday can range from sweet sixteen heartfelt poetry to kick up your heels and laugh funny poems. Kelly from Florida shares her favorites.

Sweet 16th Birthday Poems

Shared by Birthday Parade Moderator Kelly

Here's a selection that ranges from meaningful and inspirational to pull on the heartstrings. If you're looking for lighthearted humorous versions check out funny sweet 16 poems.

Be creative and make these your own! Change the wording and add in those special references to make it unique.

These can be used for birthday cards, messages, verses, card wording, and speeches.

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Poems for 16th Birthday : Shining Star

You're my masterpiece, my shining star

my bright jewel, my inspiration for happiness

sixteen years have passed in a moment

and now you're almost grown

but you will always be, in my heart,

whispered quietly where no one else can hear...

my precious baby girl

Sweet Sixteen Poem

Caitlyn (replace with daughters name)

Sweet sixteen has come for you

A day you've long awaited

My wish for you, dearest daughter

Is for your life to be filled with

happiness, adventure, and love

And for you to always follow your dreams

For they will lead you right

Sweet 16 Poems : All Grown Up

It's hard for me to believe

Your baby dolls are long gone

Years have passed

Since I changed your diapers

But still, this moment, sixteen

You're all grown up

And I'm proud of what I see

Happy Sweet Sixteen Honey

Poems for 16th Birthday : I've Watched you Grow

Life is here

It's full and vivid and ready for you

You're ready for life too

My adventurous, courageous butterfly

I've watched you grow

Into the young woman you are now

Watched your kindness when others need a little help

Watched your bravery when you've felt an injustice

Watched your confidence blossom and grow

Your sixteen now, almost grown up

And already you're strong, loving and generous

I can't imagine your future

But I know you will reach all of your dreams

I'm proud to have you as my daughter.