Japanese Birthday Party Theme

Want to throw a Japanese birthday party? Holly from Portland Oregon shares her ideas for an asian extravaganza complete with japanese party decorations, candy sushi and a geisha cake.

Japanese Theme Party

Shared by Holly from Portland, Oregon

Japanese Birthday Theme Party

My daughter's eleventh birthday will probably be one that she holds dearest to her heart.

As we always go above and beyond for our kids birthdays, this one seemed to really take the cake. She hosted a Japanese Birthday Party!

Invitations were homemade fortune cookies dipped in white chocolate. The inside of the cookie read, "You will have a fantastic time at Chelsea's Japanese Birthday Party" Lucky Numbers: (House number, date and time).

These little fortune cookies were packed in mini take out boxes we found at the local craft store. If you can't find take out boxes at your craft store you could ask at your local oriental restaurant, they'll most likely be willing to sell you a few.

We also got japanese themed scrapbook paper from the craft store. We cut the paper into stars and wrote their name in Japanese, and their English name underneath it. (We googled a Japanese name translator to get the asian versions of their name)

Chelsea took the boxes with the fortune cookie invitations to school and handed them out to all of her guests.

Japanese Party Decorations

We found a Japanese art scroll to hand on the front door and we decorated the house with oriental fans.

For the table centerpiece we got extra chopsticks and put them in an open-topped glass jar. We used little round glass beads (from a craft store) to hold the chopsticks in place. We also put curling ribbon around the base of the chopsticks. It was a really cute centerpiece.

Japanese Theme Party

When the guests arrived, they were presented with a necklace we made them with Japanese writing on one side and English on the other. Each one said either Hope, Love, or Faith. What a find at our craft store!! We got the beads and the necklace materials from there.

Japanese Birthday Party Games

Games were fun as well! We had Chopstick Relays, Noodles Doodles, and we even made candy sushi!

Chopstick Relays: Relays between teams taking jelly beans out of a dish and running them to a dish across the room. The team with the most jelly beans after two minutes is the winner!

Noodles Doodles: Think "telephone" with a twist. Two teams line up. A piece of blank paper is attached to everyone’s back except the team member in the front of the line. The team member in the back of the line is given the "word" say the word for example is "chopsticks"... the parent gives the "GO!" and they're off... not using words, but using pens to doodle on the back of the team mate in front of them. The players in the front of the line then need to guess as to what the word was based on the picture they FELT was drawn on their back.

Japanese Parties Need Great Food!

Candy sushi is a fun one, with many recipes all over the internet! We kept it simple and made it up ahead of time. It's basically rice krispies treats that are rolled very thin. While it's still warm from cooking you roll the krispy treat around a red twizzler. Then you roll a fruit roll up around the krispy treat.

You end up with a long rolled oval, which you then cut into small segments. In the end it looks just like real sushi but it's a fun dessert!

The cake was a simple cake, with a figurine of a geisha on the top. For the main meal we served a stir-fry (with some standard hot dogs on the side for the guests who weren't used to eating Japanese food).

Japanese Birthday Party Favors

Oriental fans were given out to each guest to take home along with their necklace that they received upon arrival - the girls had a blast, and it was a birthday to remember!