Dog Theme Birthday Party

It's a dog theme birthday party just for kids! Have you got a little boy or girl who just looooves puppies and dogs? Pull out all the stops and go beyond just some dog themed party supplies with this idea shared by Val from Houston, Texas. It's time for a dog-gone puppy party!

Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Shared by Val from Houston, Texas

Kids Dog Theme Party

Here is a great birthday party idea for a child who loves to play puppy. Have a puppy party! It works best for younger kids between 3 years old and 6 years old. After that they will be too mature for it.

Have each kid come dressed up as their favorite dog type. A child may be a Chihuaha or a Pug or evn a Golden Retriever! They love it!

Supplies you need for the party: Craft foam in various colors, velcro, sequins, special foam glue, cheerios, a bone shaped cookie cutter.

First, create the invites. Cut bone shapes out of construction paper and have your child decorate with sequins and markers. You can do an email invite too - just use clip art and a drawing program. You child will enjoy being involved.

Let the parents know that this is a dog party. Write something like Dog-Gone Wild or Cassie's Gone to the Dogs on the dog bone invitations.

Also let the parents know that the children should come dressed in a dog costume. It doesn't have to be a specific dog breed, but it can be. If some parents aren't creative with making a costume and don't want to spend the money to buy one, let them know you'll have extra puppy ears and puppy tails on hand.

Puppy Collars Activity

Before the party, cut out bone shapes and collars out of the foam. Glue velcro to the ends of each collar.

During the party the kids can create their own doggie collars. You can write the childs name on the bone and attach it to the collar. Then they get to wear them!

Dog Bone Cookies

Make sugar cookies, or buy the sugar cookie dough and have the kids cut out the bone shapes and decorate with sprinkles.

For really little kids, you can put cheerios in a plastic bowl and have the child pretend it is dog food (they really do love this part), they can eat out of the bowl like a puppy!

More Dog Theme Birthday Party Activities

The kids also like to make little puppy beds out of blankets and pillows and take each other for "walks".

They can run around and play puppy for quite some time, while the moms enjoy a cup of coffee. You can also have the kids brush each other's hair and tell them they are grooming. They love it! Let your imagination run wild.