Diva Birthday Party Themes

Looking for the ultimate diva birthday party theme? How does a glamour makeover, dress-up diva party, slumber party and ultimate diva photo shoot sound?

Well this is exactly what Christine T. from Sacramento, California pulled together for her daughter's 12th birthday party. Read her tips for pulling off your own fantastic glittery, glamorous, diva birthday party.

Rock Star Diva Birthday Party

Shared by Christine T. from Sacramento, California

The Ultimate Diva Party for Tweens and Teens

A great Birthday party idea for tween and teenage girls is a Diva party!

We did this last year for my 12 year old daughter and she and her friends just adored it!

Since her party 3 of her friends Moms have contacted me for ideas, and places to shop to have Diva parties of their own for their daughters!

Diva Birthday Party Decorations

We simply Diva'd it up! We had a Rockstar Diva cake in all pinks and purples as that is my daughters favorite colors. We had a huge glittery birthday banner with a pink princess crown on it.

For the table centerpiece I made something really special. I cut out pictures of my daughter's favorite pop singers. I glued the pictures to some firm pink posterboard (cut in the shape of diva stars) and then taped them to bamboo skewers. Then I bought a sparkly pink birthday hatbox from the hobby store.

I put sand in the bottom of the hatbox and stuck the skewers with the diva popstars into the sand. In the very middle, bigger than the other pictures I had one piece of posterboard that said, "The Ultimate Diva". This piece had a picture of my daughter on it!

Diva Party Props and Activities

We had boa's, make up, combs, brushes, mirrors, guitars, tutu's, and anything pink, purple and divalicious for tween girls laying around our house and our daughters bedroom.

We had been to blockbuster and rented many chick flicks for the girls, rented a karaoke machine full of diva rock songs and ordered many pizzas for the girls to snack on! They sang, danced and giggled all night long, watching their movies as well.

The Diva Birthday Party Continued All Night

When the next morning rolled around we prepared diva pancakes for the girls. They were regular pancakes but with their choice of chocolate sprinkles, powdered sugar, cinnamon, strawberries and whipped cream.

After breakfast my neighbor (who helped with the party) and I got the girls all made up by doing their hair, applying makeup, tying their fairy wings on and putting on their Diva heels. It was a glam makeover.

Then off we went to the mall where the girls had an awesome time shopping and just showing off their diva look.

Also at the mall we took the girls into the photo shop there and let them have a great time having their own divalicious photoshoot!! After their photo shoot we took them all to lunch at the local coffee house where I was told all of the cool kids go.

After lunch we picked up their pics, took them back to my house and let them decorate their pictures with glitter, markers, paint, feathers and what not.

The girls had a great great time and my daughter still talks about it. It was a great glamour birthday party theme. She is already planning a bigger and better diva party for her 13th birthday she says!