Construction Birthday Party Ideas

A construction theme makes a great birthday party for 3-7 year old boys. I used this theme for my son's fourth birthday. I began by ordering a birthday cake from the local grocery store, although I think it would be fun and easy to make at home too.

The cake had been airbrushed with brown sparingly to create brown dirt and there were areas with coal made from crushed Oreos. A dump truck had a load of "coal" and a bulldozer was pushing a pile of brown frosting.

I set the scene with a black tablecloth with yellow road stripes up the center made from yellow crepe paper. I made a centerpiece using orange cones from a toy soccer set. The table setting was completed with store bought construction cups, yellow plates that matched the stripes on the table, and orange “flag” napkins. A bouquet of plain and construction themed balloons sat on the ledge of my bay window in my dining room.

Since the birthday boy was young I chose a very kid friendly menu. I borrowed my son's toy dump truck and my husbands hard hat and lined them both with lots of plastic wrap. The hard hat became a bowl for chips and I loaded the back of the dump truck with hot dogs in buns. It was adorable and really tied everything together.

The party was attended by mostly adults so we did not feel the need for many games and such. A sandbox full of all sorts of digging tools and trucks was all that was needed to make a few boys happy.

In all this was a very inexpensive party theme because we were able to use so many of my son’s toys for the decorations and to add special touches to relatively plain and inexpensive store bought table settings.

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