Adult Birthday Party Mini Las Vegas Theme

by Debbie D.
(Sugar Land, Texas)

A “Mini Las Vegas” theme would stir excitement for a teenager/young adult’s birthday party. Just think glitz, glamor, and loads of fun! Texas Hold Em’ poker and Blackjack are two of the most popular casino card games. Roulette and Craps can be played, too.

If it's in your budget, hire local dealers to run the tables. It is important to ensure that the dealers agree to provide tutorials for the games performed throughout the night.

Many of the guests will not know how to play them, and in order to make sure that all the party-goers are satisfied with their attendance, you must guarantee that the games are suitable for beginners. Fortunately, these games are easy to set up. You can also ask for volunteers to act as dealers if you hiring professionals is outside of your budget.

All you need are appropriate tables with five chairs at each, "play" chips, and decks of cards (which will most likely be provided by the dealers). As for decorations, Party City and other party specialist stores offer a wide variety of casino-related banners, other hanging decorations, table centerpieces, utensils, and serveware.

Fake money and gold coins can be purchased for a decoration, as well. Just throw them around the room, as if they were confetti.

As for food and drinks, easy finger foods are a good idea for an event such as this. Set out a large buffet-style table, lined with tasty treats such as sandwiches, chips, sweets, buffalo wings, and a wide variety of drinks (sodas, juice/tea, water).

Fast–paced, popular music should be played to keep a happy, hyped vibe. To increase the hype even more, light flashing lights can be arranged to suit the “Las Vegas” appeal. Also, require a semi-formal dress code. By doing this, the scene will be more professional, and filled with glam and fun!!!

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