50th Birthday Girls Night Over the Hill

by Jennifer S.
(Seattle Washington)

I heard of some relatives of mine doing this for a milestone birthday and I thought it was very funny. All the women (it was a girl's night) dressed up like old ladies – it was a night of dark comedy!

If the boys get involved, just make sure they bring their own canes and can fake a hunch. If someone can really laugh at themselves, I think this would be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Mock gifts like hearing aids, walkers, or false teeth, and offering stereotypical "old people" foods might also be fun, like prune juice or tapioca - just make sure you’ve got edible foods also, although believe it or not there are a lot of ways you can put delicious twists on foods usually banished to retirement homes.

As long as you are good at choosing older movies (I am not one of those people), put on a movie from the person’s birth year – meaning subtract 50 years. Same goes for music – play golden oldies that might be a little too old for the victim, er, birthday person.

You could take the elderly angle like I mentioned above or you could also take the death angle, if everyone can tolerate the very macabre. Have someone dress up like the grim reaper, set out a headstone cake, hang cobwebs – save your Halloween decorations!

If you want to possibly integrate the abovementioned angle, you can slip the funeral march into your golden oldie playlist. A good game for the enthusiastic and who find the black humor funny is called "murder" – my family’s variation is that one murderer is chosen secretly, then everyone walks around and shakes hands with each other. The murderer, however, discreetly scratches their victim’s wrist, who waits five seconds and then acts out a horrific, loud, dramatic death.

Afterwards, one person gets to guess who the murderer is – but if they’re wrong, then they die too! This is a lot of fun and can involve a certain amount of strategy, and if you’ve got some reluctant actors out there, they can even be more fun to watch as they sheepishly try to "die" as others in the room egg them to have more bravado. Remember to keep in mind who you’re throwing the party for, and make sure they’ve got a great sense of humor about themselves!

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