21st Birthday Black and White Party

by Gina S.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Me With the Black and White Cake

Me With the Black and White Cake

Me With the Black and White Cake My 21st Black and White Birthday Was a Blast!

When you're turning 21, a themed birthday party seems a bit corny. However, there are more mature themes to consider, such as a "Black and White Party". On my 21st birthday, I wanted to have a huge party.

In order to get started, I ordered custom-made birthday invitations from VistaPrint.com. The invitations set the theme of the party, and I specified to my guests to dress formally, only in black and white attire.

Next, I had to gather all of the decorations, which included black and white crepe paper to hang, black and white balloons, white roses (plastic), black tissue paper, champagne flutes (plastic), black and white ribbon to tie around the champagne flutes, black and white favor boxes, and Hershey's Hugs candy.

Lining the driveway and walkway to my house, we took mirrors we bought from the dollar store, black and white pillar candles, and sand to create a lighted path leading up to the doorway.

Food for such an event is essential as well. Sushi makes a great party snack, and some restaurants sell 3 pieces for a dollar, so you can end up buying 20 dollars worth and have a 60 piece spread. Chips and dip are a party staple, along with a veggie platter. Other appetizers we had were shrimp, cheese sticks, and toasted bread with pesto spread on top.

As for the cake, my friend ended up making a fondant cake in the shape of a black and white formal dress. All in all the food cost around $50.

A 21st birthday party requires much in the way of alcohol as well. To save money, but have plenty of alcohol on hand, start by purchasing at least 4-6 bottles of Spumonti Champagne. It is a sweet champagne that most everyone enjoys, and some brands sell it for as little as 4 dollars a bottle.

Another good, cheap liquor to purchase would be Malibu rum. It mixes well with fruit juices, and has none of the acidic burn that can be found with some liquors, like Vodka. We had both the Champagne and the hard liquors on hand for the party. Buy plenty so you don't run out!

For party games we played tic tac toe (using shot glasses), beer pong, spin-the-bottle (using an empty Spumonti champagne bottle), karaoke, Rock band, and poker.

Another activity we tried at my 21st birthday was to fill a pinata with chocolate liqueurs and take turns going at it with a bat once we were kind of tipsy. Made for some fun times!

While the games and liquor cannot be used at birthday parties of all ages, the theme of black and white certainly can. A sweet 16 or 18th birthday could be fun utilizing the formal idea of a black and white party.

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