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Looking for creative kid, teen and adult birthday party ideas? We've got you covered with invitation samples, decoration ideas, cake design inspirations, games, themes, activities, and detailed party planning checklists. We've got kid, adult, and teenage birthday party games to knock your socks off as well as a ton of theme ideas.

Make Birthday Planning a Piece of Cake

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Planning your next bash can be a piece of cake.

It's your creativity and inspiration that will make your parties the talk of the town.

We help out with dazzling ideas for ages 1 to 101. What makes Birthday Parade different is the birthday party ideas come from readers just like you.

Yep. It's great to find tried and true ideas that you know are going to work.

So hop around, and find your next birthday party theme, along with everything you're going to need to pull it together successfully. You might even want to share your own ideas...

Best Kids Theme Idea of the Month

superheroes birthday party

Every month we highlight the coolest theme idea shared by one of our visitors whether it's for children, teens or adults. This month the best party theme idea honor is awarded to Cassie from Bassett, Kansas for her kids birthday party ideas for a superheroes vs. villians theme.

Cassie's entry has a no-sew cape project to get all of your little superheroes decked out and 3 amazing superhero vs. villian birthday party games sure to get your celebration is talked about for months after it's over.

It's easy to pull off and very creative, while still focusing on keeping bucks in your pocket. Best of all... the kids will go crazy for this party idea! Check out Cassie's Super Duper Superhero Birthday Party.

It's a Birthday Parade!

superheroes birthday party

Want to show off your last kid, teen or adult party? Or share a cool theme idea you came up with? That's what this site is all about! So go ahead and share....

This whole site is chock full of real ideas that really work! They come from moms and dads and birthday kids and teens and young adults! They come from people sharing memories of birthdays long past or showing off a birthday just past.

What this all means is birthday parade is a site for you! So, if you need some ideas right now for upcoming parties, browse around, you're going to find a ton of amazing ideas for kids, teens and adults. When you're done with your party, think about swinging back by and letting everyone know how it went!

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Here's a sampling of a few of the newest fun birthday party ideas that readers have shared.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

A few of the newest birthday ideas folks have shared.

scary but fun!! 
this is a good idea and i might be doing it since my birthday is on halloween and I'm turning 13. Rent out your local skating rink on halloween if possible …

Egyptian Birthday Party Ideas 
Egyptian Birthday Party Ideas : Birthday parties are always fun to plan and carry out. Last year, for my husband's birthday, I decided to do an Egyptian …

Tomboy Birthday Party Theme 6 Years Old 
Tomboy Birthday Party Theme: So, your child’s birthday is coming up, and you desperately need a theme for a tomboy 6 year old girl – well, you are in luck …

40th Birthday Party Ideas : The Red Hot Mama's 
40TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS THEME: The Red Hot Mama’s – Celebrating 40 Years! This birthday theme was designed as a group celebration for women who are turning …

Werewolf Birthday Party Games 
Werewolf birthday party games: The name of the game is Werewolf, and it can be played with anywhere from five to no limit of players, although it gets …

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas 
Halloween birthday party ideas: My birthday is on Halloween, so as a young child, I always had Halloween as an option for a birthday party theme, and sometimes, …

Hanna Montana Party 
We sent out tickets to a Hanna Montana Party for our 9 year old daughter. We had tickets made to look like a concert ticket. In the ticket packet we included …

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